In Six Steps to Creating Profit: A Guide for Small and Mid-Sized Service- Based Businesses (Wiley, Hardback), longtime business advisor PATRICIA SIGMON delves into the nitty-gritty, everyday issues that are keeping your business from earning what it should.

She offers detailed, practical advice designed to help you identify profit-blocking problems, create solutions and then schedule, institute and track necessary change.

Sigmon walks business owners through the six-step model she developed over the course of nearly three decades, after observing hundreds of client companies pass up profitable opportunities, engage in unprofitable practices, and even ignore the bottom line altogether.

Packed with memorable, real company examples and user-friendly checklists, assessment tools, and tips, Six Steps to Creating Profit provides readers with a detailed roadmap to increase sales, cut costs, and stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.

What Readers Say

"I have run an IT services business for 23 years. This book proves that we all can learn from our successful, intellegient, and creative peers. I picked up several ideas that I was able to immediately bring to my team."

"Ms. Sigmon dishes out an insightful, informative and easy reading resource for navigating your business through these rough times and offering practical tips to keep growing and ensuring a profitable business. I've already begun to utilize the checklists with great success. This is a must read for anyone contemplating starting a new business, or for anyone interested in maximizing the potential for an existing endeavor. It will also read well for those who advise their clients on remaining successful and profitable in their businesses. You'll read it once and certainly refer back to it for all the great tips and advise. You won't be disappointed."

"This easy read was straight forward and illuminating for non businees trained attorneys. Ms. Sigmon's sage advise translated nicely into our legal practice which is first a profession but also a small service business. Beside the lawyering, much of a law practice is devoted to customer satisfaction and client base growth. Ms. Sigmon's effort has easily and quickly helped us focus the business aspects of the practice allowing us more time to accomplish our clients' legal needs."

Practical Advice

Readers learn how to:

1. Stop dwindling sales, streamline expenses, and maximize cash flow

2. Turn one-time-only business into ongoing, profitable relationships

3. Create new business by selling to both niche markets and the masses

4. Take advantage of business credit and credit terms

5. Give yesterday’s business model a tune-up for the new decade

6. Stay up to speed with new technology and marketing techniques that will build sales and enhance a business’s reputation

7. Turn everyone at your company into salespeople

Whether you are a new business, a long-term business owner with cash flow issues, or a successful business owner looking for new profit-making ideas, this invaluable guide will give you a fresh way to look at your business model and interesting tools to help you develop a smarter, more profitable one.