Profit advice, finally

Once you get past the basics of setting up your business, finding and servicing clients, and trying to stay afloat, your business, like so many others, is apt to hit a profit-making plateau. Even worse, you may be continually losing money.

As the owner of a small to mid-sized business, you may be a master at your craft, have a stellar reputation, and even boast a long list of clients. But more likely than not, you’re missing out on the most important piece of the puzzle, and one of the main reasons you went into business in the first place - a good, healthy profit that grows. 

David Advisory Group, founded by "profit guru" Patricia Sigmon, uses the tennets in the best-selling book Six Steps To Creating Profit along with 30 years of experience with small and mid-sized businesses to help you clear the hurdles, build and then keep the profit that your organization deserves.

"If you are in this category, first know that you are not alone, but then you need to take a look at the advice given ... in Six Steps to Creating Profit." — Martin Zwilling,

The Call To Action

An owner who has nurtured a firm like a beloved child may be reluctant to take a step backward and make changes that need to be made.  After all, the daily efforts of meeting payroll, fighting fires and chasing the competition can be exhausting and all-consuming.   

In Six Steps to Creating Profit the goals are clear:

  • Identify the profit-blocking problems that exist in your business
  • Develop a range of targeted, creative solutions
  • Schedule, institute and track the necessary changes

Help is here, how you need it, when you need it:

  • Director and Board Advisor assignments
  • Consulting
  • Workshops

"Let this be your memorable day -- the day you take on the Six Steps to Creating Profit." — David R. Harris, President, EC Internet