Board Advising

Limited Board of Directors and Board of Advisors assignments accepted. Strengthen your Board with a seasoned outside Director experienced with IT and management systems. 


Hotline help, help-on-site, remote and telephone sessions geared to your exact consulting needs.  All of the premises in the "Six Steps to Creating Profit" are outlined and implemented in your own company. 

Target Audience

CEOs, Presidents and Senior Managers in service-based businesses or service-based departments of manufacturing or distribution businesses are ideal "Six Steps to Creating Profit" candidates.  After initial analysis is performed, department heads, bookkeepers and administrators are trained as implementors and change-monitors. New business owners are ideal candidates for the "Six Step to Creating Profit" model of settting up a new business. Seasoned, profit-struggling business owners can benefit from an infusion of 21st century business techniques into their long-term business model.